Top Tips for Buying a Condo in Toronto

Whether you are looking to stop paying rent and buy your first home, or you currently own a home and are looking to downsize, a condo can be an excellent choice. As a Toronto realtor, I can confidently say that it’s all about knowing the market and your budget. Our top tips for buying a condo in Toronto:

Top Tips for Buying a Condo in Toronto

Get your Finances in Order
  • Get your Toronto condo down payment organized.
  • Make sure your condo purchase deposit is accessible.
  • Get pre-approved for a mortgage.
  • Educate yourself about closing costs.
Determine what you want
  • Build your real estate advisory team. Getting clear about what you want will require a team effort, so make sure to assemble the best team possible.
  • Decide on the kind of neighbourhood/building you want to live in.
  • Decide on what amenities are important to you.
  • Get to know the market.
  • Finalize your budget.
The Search for a Toronto Condo
  • Start your search online where there are a number of great resources available.
  • Build due diligence by researching Toronto developers and their reputations.
  • Spend some time considering the merits of the unit you’re considering.
  • Think about the merits of the neighbourhood you’re considering.

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